Walking the Queen Charlotte Track

Walking the Queen Charlotte Track | Anchor Down B&B

Imagine this.  Up bright and early and cruising the Queen Charlotte Sound for your day on the Queen Charlotte Track.  Dolphins a plenty and the Gannets flying over head, diving into the water for their daily catch of fresh fish.  It sounds perfect doesn't it.

The Queen Charlotte Track is 72 km long and can be used as a day walking/biking/kayaking option or as a multi day walk, approximately 3-5 days depending on you mode of transport and how much relaxation time you require.  Please make sure you ask us about the different options for your time on the track.  Ship Cove at the tip of the Queen Charlotte Track is of great historical significance to NZ.  Captain James Cook parked his boat up several times on his trips to Aotearoa (NZ).  He spent over 100 days there.  There is a fabulous memorial for you to view.  There are different companies offering a variety of trips to the track.  If you do not want to go by boat, ask us about the drive to areas where you can access the track. 

Oh and you will need to watch out for the mischievous little Weka........what is a Weka you say.......well thats another blog 

Posted by Anchor User on June 10, 2018