Food Recommendations

It's a daily thing here at Anchor Down Bed and Breakfast...the request for recommendations of activities, places to eat, walks, wine to drink and much more. Here are some suggestions for local food options.

We love to show off our area here in the Marlborough Sounds. There is so much beauty the area has to offer, for both us as locals, and you as visitors.  When making suggestions of what to do or where to go or what to eat we base our recommendations on our own experiences and that of past guests.  This way we get a good range of options that many of you may enjoy.

There is always some apprehension about whether we are getting it right for you, however, without knowing your likes and your not likes we do try our best.

So here we go. 

  • Oxleys Bar & Kitchen.  This is our go to place because of the variety of food on offer.  There is seafood options, carnivorous options and vegetarian options.  We find the service to be consistently good and meals are generally good value for money.
  • The Barn.  If you miss a home cooked meal, then look no further.  You can even order your roast to go and eat it in our guest garden.
  • Scoozi for wood fired pizza is also a treat. They have a number of share plates on offer too.
  • The Thirsty Pig.  Our favorite for Beer and Burgers.  Its a hit with locals so it must be good.
  • Seabreeze Cafe.  Really good for lunches and has the best seafood chowder in Picton, we think so anyway.
  • Fresh Choice.  Our local supermarket has a really good variety of take home foods, like pre-made salds, good bakery and plenty of fresh fruit.  Of course there is also a good selection of local wines too.
  • The Irish Pub.  I know, every city/town/village has one and so do we.  Often great music on offer here too.
  • Thai Panda.  Excellent dine in or take out thai and chinese.  Yum.


There are other places too you might want to look up........Cafe Cortado, Le Cafe (also good music), The Whaler restaurant and there is more too.  You will never starve here thats for sure.

All the Picton places are very good at offering Gluten Free and Dairy Free options.  Always ask if you have special requirements/.

If you are not sure, just let us know your likes and we will try to match you up.

Bon Apetite! 

Posted by Tomahawk Support on September 04, 2019