The Cheeky Weka Bird

The Cheeky Weka Bird | Blog Post | Anchor Down B&B

Many many visitors to our country long to see the Kiwi (the bird, not the fruit).  Although there are quite a few Kiwi hidden away in our area of the Marlborough Sounds, you are most likely to see the Weka.  The Weka is a delightful bird with quite a lot of skills.  They appear just as you are about to open your lunch box and will do their absolute best to take anything from you that they can.  It is wise to keep your bags closed when a Weka is around as they can run very fast and as many explorers before you will tell, they have no hesitation with running into the bush with your keys, your camera, your watch, in fact, anything they can get their hands on. Also, please, as much as you want too, don't feed them any of your human food.  If you must feed them, find a worm, it is much better for them than your sandwich. 

The Weka is friendly and will come right up to you.  They don't hurt you so there is no need to scare them away.  A family of Weka live not too far from Anchor Down so don't be surprised if you pop out to your car or when you are sitting in our guest garden to see a Weka wandering around. Say hi and don't let them eat the plants!!  

Posted by Anchor User on June 29, 2019